Thursday, December 16, 2010


Juicing is one way for the body to absorb carbohydrates, in the form of sugars, while giving the intestines a much needed vacation. Historically speaking, nature has provided times of famine, which have forced fasting upon our species in, what I suspect, is not entirely a terrible or random or idea.

Our industrialized culture has allowed us the luxury (and detriment) of a constant flow of an unseasonably abundant food supply. Human's are built more for famine than feast.... and we could probably use a little more fasting in our society to balance out the feast.

The obesity epidemic has tipped the scales of disease, creating the diabetes epidemic and record high numbers of preventable heart diseases. This is voluntary mass murder for the residents of our planet.

Cleansing is a great idea in the form of fasting or juicing, especially if it used to reset the body with high quality fuels and building materials. After all, every morsel of food that enters the mouth are the raw building materials that replaces every cell of our bodies. You can have a whole new body remodel in seven years. The quality of its health is dependent upon the foods and thoughts and environmental stimulation that you put into it.

Fasting or juicing gives the intestines a break while providing carbohydrates to the body for metabolic fuel, but it is not enough, not for long.

Eventually, the body needs to eat food, and the intestines need to get back to work. The body is composed of macro-nutrients consisting of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and it needs those macronutrients in the form of food, to sustain proper body function.

Keeping the intestines cleaned out with fiber and water, are the two most important ingredients to sweep the halls clean, so to speak.

Blending, instead of juicing provides water and fiber, in droves, along with all the living carbohydrates, amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. However, juices usually contain more calories in the form of sugar, as it takes larger quantities of fruits and veggies to get its juice out, than blending the whole produce.

A blended beverage contains less fruit or vegetable because it is whole, and therefore takes up more room en mass. This provides a more filling drink with less calories, as well as the cleansing fibrous qualities and water to move waste out effectively.

I think that Vegan diets are the optimal, target diet as far as eating without side effects is concerned. If a food has a side effect, then it is suspect to me, as to whether or not it is worth consuming.

Think of it! Animal and dairy protein has the possible side effect of cancer and causes an overly acidic environment in the blood, leaving the body vulnerable to opportunistic bacteria and virus'. Colon cancer is strongly linked with animal protein. The heating of animal proteins is known to give off carcinogens and should be labeled as cancer causing.

Dairy contains the protein Casein, which has extensive studies indicating it as a cancer causing culprit, even more than the flesh of the same animal.

The side effects of these foods make me think that even though it is easier to get your protein this way, the question is, at what cost?

Being a healthy vegan is not easy.

Being a vegetarian for a lot of people means eating quesadillas made from white flour tortillas and non organic, factory farmed animal cheeses.

So, the title vegan or vegetarian is less important than the quantity of real, whole, quality vegan food choices. Eating more and more, raw, whole, organic, unprocessed, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, increases life giving materials. Adding more of these foods, eventually can lead to eating less and less processed, dead, foods.

Veganism is a healthy, ethical lifestyle and thought system that can be taken on, one bite at time.